Expanded Inspiration

Inspired by Ella Joosten

I felt inspired by Ella Joosten’s work as she paints colourful japan in a traditional yet modern manor, I felt captivated by her geisha work, using narrow panels and the backs, sides of their forms in pop colours. I wanted to capture a similar air with my own work, using contemporary recreations, I studied the shapes and composition in her work and was able to capture a likeness. I focused on the forms such as length of clothing, fabric design and composition of the fabric and hair. I really admire this outcome, I feel by planning what I wanted I was able to achieve full potential, I want to keep working with this subject further experimenting with similar subjects and styles.

I was able to do this photoshoot in southport by the water, capturing a few more images, I will continue editing these to explore potential, I feel I could now create illustrations inspired from these so I have a lot of options and feel it needs to be narrowed down.

Inspired by Osawa Yu-dai

Looking on the japanese graphic design website, I found some key suggestions on how to create a quirky japanese inspired design, using a bonsai from my primary photography I began playing with the abstract nature of Osawa’s work, using colour panels and bright tone to form a new design. I liked the outcome of this and feel some text would finish it off well. I am definitely sure on using colour panels and layers as it helps build on the design.

(To make this I cut around my shape, changed the exposure and edited the pot using selection and filters to make highlights. I then used lightly transparent sections to alter the colours of the tree and I did the same along the background, I flattened the image when I was happy and then changed the exposure on the overall design to brighten the aesthetic, next time I would plan the photography and design to fulfil potential, ensuring I know what I want)

Artwork inspiration – refresh updated artist research

I have taken some images from a japanese graphic design website and have been responding to some points and artists in development, these have been “un and co”, “Osawa Yu-dai” and “Ella Joosten” above you can see some results.

Pop design

I have gathered some more work that links with my result feedback, I have attached the artist name to the images so I can further research what gets me most inspired.  I gathered a range of pop graphic design and minimalist natrue to fulfuil desired outcome.

Traditional Japan



comic illustration

I decided to respond to some growing ideas in my sketchbook to further my visuals and keep my ideas developing, I felt inspired to use comics as I’m exploring pop art themes so I used some of my old comics for experimental material, creating my own sharpie illustrations with my new chisel tip pen. I felt this was fun as I havn’t been doing much illustration and i feel like they stand out well. I do feel that they don’t respond to my visual feedback as they aren’t nature orientated but I like the idea of using black simple illustrations over colour.


Tin Foil Painting


After my activities workshop I had left over materials from their work, I provided everyone with tin foil to put their colours on. During the last task I asked everyone to use up their remaining paints and I was left with some interesting pieces of colourful tin foil – I didn’t want to throw these away even tho I used tin foil for simple tidying up, so I used them as paper for illustration. I focused on the forms of colour and worked into the shapes that were there, I then highlighted some areas with white. I felt this could be an interesting experiment for the visuals of activities but I again don’t feel they hold the right aesthetic; the landscape one fits nicely. I intend on experimenting a little with them in digital but this process has helped me understand further what I need to be making and what I want to make: funky landscape design.


Felt Making


As I was experimenting I thought about making something different to scan in to push development, I made this using cotton and soap working/matting together my fabrics, I used bright primary colours on grey to contrast. I thought about sewing into it and adding to it day by day, creating a piece made through the concept of kaizen however I started to feel digital exploration is the way forward for a professional fitting outcome.

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